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  • Pups from Tom Garner Kennels

    Haystack is a new stud here on Bulldog Hill. He possesses his father's legendary intensity and ability and his mother's extreme mouth. "Miss Biscuit" is a female version of her illustrious sire, and she has the hard mouth  you'd expect from the heavy Chinaman influence of her dam. The quality of the Miss Biscuit breeding is well known in the dog world today  through her highly successful littermates. Together this half-brother to half sister breeding will produce super intense offspring with a perfect blend of 7/8 Chinaman/Spike and 1/8 Alligator. This combination has been shown over and over again to make rugged, high prey drive offspring that meet all the pit bull breed standards. I have 1 very nice, Biscuit-clone male available.

    You may contact us by phone at: (919) 732-7849
    and by cell phone at : 919-423-3486

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