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name sex sire dam colour birth year
Farkas's Crack male T.K.B.'s Red BadyKartel's Becky White with Red Ticking 2009
Gy.A.'s Tyson male Giny's HektorGiny's Shelby White with Red Ticking 2009
Axesi's Axel male KiraDiablo White with Fawn Ticking 2009
Fisherman's Viki female T.K.B.'s BuckyK.Z's Sunshine White with Brindle Ticking 2009
molli female DALIBOR'S DJOLECaspers Miss Piggy White with Brindle Ticking 2009
Apacs's Dzsihád female B.L.'s Baba White with Black Ticking
HULIGAN K.O. ( G'G KnL Gipsy Game KnL ) male HULIGAN BLACK DEMGladiator's (Iron Kid & Zinnger mom) eli White with Black Ticking 2011
Imi's Willy male Azimi's Don PedroAzimi's Reni White with Black Ticking 2009
Szabo's Domino female Prozac_Knl's Tequila(R.I.P.)B.T.'s Mokesz White with Black Ticking
Steel heart's(Levativ) KILLER male Levativ's VitoLevativ's (ESB's) Jamie Jasta White and Red Fawn 2011
Vidra's Klan KicsiDĂ­va female Mad Clan's GrooveHoney White and Red Fawn 2012
Jakab's Ruby female Tinka.Z'S CarlosTinkaZ'S MAYA White and Red 2017
KHARMA'S SHAKIRA female PANCSER'S PEDROS�gi' snoopy White and Red 2010
MAD CLAN's Barka female MAD CLAN's W.P.CH CsozéMad Clan's Drazse White and Red 2010
Stoneer's Ms. Peggy Sue female 4X4'S W.P.GR CH MR LINCOLNMad Clan's Drazse White and Red 2011
Tinka's Luna female Tinka's ZeboTinkaZ'S MAYA White and Red 2018
Amazon Warrior's Nikita female DozerBull Csoki Dzsina White and Light Fawn 2015
HSz-DT's Neo male Lord of the Night KunoShiva White and Fawn 2010
SIPI'S KĂ“KUSZ male SORES J.'S JHONYCSIBI'S (Iron will) BETTA White and Fawn 2009
T.K.B.'s Rebel Girl female T.K.B.'s BuckyT.K.B.'s Wicked Girl White and Dark Brindle 2008
K.Imi's AKI male T.K.B.'s BuckyRaptor's (Szegedi's) Katana White and Brindle 2009
MAD CLAN's Raquel female RoccoMuki's Mona White and Brindle 1998
FRENKI male LidercClouse's Linda White and Black 2011
Albi's White Gold female Azimi's RudyPigi & Sons' (Eastside boys') Chili White
B.K.'s Domino female Molnár's LupiMAD CLAN's Raquel White 2005
Daisy female White 2004
Mad Clan's Shiro male MAD CLAN's W.P.CH CsozéMAD CLAN's Barka White 2011
BUDAI'S GYALOGOS HARCOS CIKLON female Gyalogos Harcos's GottiGyalogos Harcos's Nafi Red Fawn and White 2014
HAJDU'S NANSY female Hajdu's Pitt-KinHAJDU'S Dongó Red Fawn and White
Hell of Lord Bony female Lord of the Night KunoFIRE OF HELL'S LUCY Red Fawn and White 2013
Levativ's "Lucky" male Mistery's (Eastside boys') El GringoLevativ's (ESB's) Jamie Jasta Red Fawn and White 2009
Levativ's Vito male Azimi's RudyPigi & Sons' (Eastside boys') Chili Red Fawn and White
pisti's zira female Foxi Bagaseres's sehron Red Fawn and White
Tigerboy's (Giny's)Sütike female K.Miki's DugóK.Miki's Marcipán Red Fawn and White 2008
Ungwarrior's Lily female Serbán's AtosMandy Red Fawn and White 2007
Zizi female Pali's Power Ch SztálinKRISZ Red Fawn and White 2006
male Red Fawn 2009
E.Attila's Mamba female BLACKMAGIC'S BLACKYSUMMER'S NYURGU Red Fawn 2014
koco's jafar C.C.'S ICEKusel's Gypsy Red Fawn 2013
Miller's Maya female Quicksilver's AlligatorQuicksilver's Bogi Red Fawn 2012
PGK'S SYKOW male Pancser's RedPANCSER'S CSILI Red Fawn 2010
Red Genna female Hajdu's Pitt-KinHAJDU'S Dongó Red Fawn 2002
W.Balkan's Red Pepper female SIRMIUM'S TOMKAFODI (D.G KNNL)'S MALI LUNA Red Fawn 2010
HAJDU'S Dongó female Hajdu's T-BoyHAJDU'S JORDY Red Brindle and White
MONES BABA Quicksilver's NitroBuli's Gina Red Brindle and White 2010
Tinka's HĂ©ra female Tinka's ZeboTinkaZ'S MAYA Red Brindle and White 2018
Assasinator's SUSY male Red and White 2008
ATOSZ'S LADY female L. MISKA'S (SOUTHERN'S) JASPERKarvaly's Szajha Red and White